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Harbor Tag is a pioneering SaaS web application developed by Bountiful Web, designed to enrich the dockside experience for the maritime community. This app allows vessel owners to build an online profile and tag their boat. The app then offers instant access to comprehensive vessel information with the simple scan of a QR code, revolutionizing how vessel owners and yacht brokers interact with marina services.


The challenge was to create an intuitive platform that could seamlessly deliver detailed vessel information, enhance safety protocols, and facilitate the yacht brokerage process. Harbor Tag needed a solution that would not only serve the practical needs of the maritime community but also foster a sense of unity and transparency within the industry.


Bountiful Web undertook the task of crafting a user-centric web application that embodies the essence of simplicity and efficiency. Our approach was to integrate QR code technology, allowing users to quickly access a vessel’s details, history, and safety information. The application’s design prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that even those new to technology can navigate its features confidently.

Our team chose Ruby on Rails for building this robust cross-platform web application to ensure a consistent and smooth user experience on as many devices as possible.


Since its launch, Harbor Tag has transformed the dockside experience for its users, offering unprecedented ease in accessing and sharing vessel information. The app has been instrumental in enhancing safety, simplifying the brokerage process, and building a more connected maritime community.


Bountiful Web is proud to have developed Harbor Tag, an SaaS app that stands as a testament to our ability to blend technology with user-centric design. This project highlights our commitment to innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and foster community engagement. As Harbor Tag continues to evolve, Bountiful Web remains dedicated to supporting its journey towards creating a safer, simpler, and more connected maritime world.

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